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The Frome Valley Walkway

The Frome Valley Walkway winds it’s way through the villages and farmland of South Gloucestershire and Bristol.

The parks, woodlands, meadows and waterways provide welcome recreational space for people and a valuable environment for wildlife.

The Frome Valley Walkway is an important recreational path running along the river connecting communities and open spaces.

The Frome Valley Walkway is a pleasant and interesting 18 mile long path which follows the River Frome between the River Avon in Bristol and the Cotswold Hills in South Gloucestershire, which falls right at the foot of the Globe in Frampton Cotterrell.

Beautiful walk

The path passes through open countryside and meadows in South Gloucestershire, the mediaeval town of Chipping Sodbury, wooded valleys south of Winterbourne Down, the village of Frenchay and historic, landscaped parks in Bristol.

The Frome Valley is a haven for wildlife because it provides a green corridor of freshwater habitats, woodlands, parks and open spaces which cuts through built up areas in Bristol and the towns and farmlands of South Gloucestershire.

The walk allows people to experience animals, birds and plants right on their doorsteps, some of which are rarely seen so close to Bristol residents.

The Frome Valley Walkway